August 1, 2016

Electronic Monitoring

Do You Need Electronic Home Monitoring with your Bail Bond?

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What is Electronic Monitoring?

Electronic monitoring is a system used to supervise defendants who are required to abide by curfew or remain in their homes as a condition of pretrial release.

EM, which is often used in conjunction with home detention, monitors an offender’s whereabouts through an electronic monitoring device and through random phone calls to the monitored individuals residence.

As an alternative to detention, EM encompasses a wide range of systems and components, including home monitoring devices, wrist bracelets, ankle bracelets, field monitoring devices, alcohol and drug testing devices, voice verification systems, and global positioning systems.

GPS monitoring uses a network of satellites to triangulate the offender’s physical location.

The equipment consists of a tamper-resistant bracelet worn by the offender and a tracking device carried by the offender. The tracking device uses transmissions received from the satellites to calculate the offender’s position and transmits the data to a monitoring center through a cell phone system.

This information is transmitted in a slightly different fashion by passive and active GPS systems. The passive GPS system stores and transmits data at appointed times to the monitoring center. In contrast, the active GPS system transmits information in near “real time” on the individual’s location to the monitoring center. This near-real-time transmission allows the center to alert the probation officer immediately when a violation occurs.

What is required for Electronic Monitoring in a home?

A lot of the other home monitoring companies require a physical phone line installed at your home in order to set up their home monitoring units.

Our partner has a system that utilizes a blackberry phone, which they provide, and the ankle bracelet to conduct all the monitoring is required by the courts. This set up of the system actually takes very little times, oftentimes it can be completed within five minutes.

What happens if I am out of range?

This issue will be discussed with the court.

Participants who do not comply with the conditions of their supervision face sanctions ranging from a reprimand to violations for new offenses.